Omni KlenTaq 2 & Omni KlenTaq 2 LA PCR Master Mix

Omni KlenTaq 2 and Omni KlenTaq 2 LA Mix are available as a ready-to-use 2X mixture of DNA polymerase, salts, magnesium and dNTPs for setting up a trouble-free PCR reaction and there is the choice of an inert green dye, used for direct gel loading. All you have to do is to add template, specific primers and water, thereby save time, effort and minimize pipetting error.

Omni KlenTaq 2 and Omni KlenTaq 2 LA Mix are recommended for all standard PCR applications. It is comprised of  Omni KlenTaq 2 or Omni KlenTaq 2 LA DNA Polymerase (Click here) and a novel buffer system that deliver very high yield PCR amplification over a wide range of PCR templates. It has been developed to give more robust amplification than other commonly-used mixes, allowing it to perform well with challenging templates and for direct PCR without DNA purification. 

Data Sheet: 2X Omni KlenTaq 2 & LA Master Mix