Omni KlenTaq 2 & Omni KlenTaq 2 LA

Omni KlenTaq 2 is a new mutant of Klentaq polymerase that makes the enzyme resistant to the inhibitory effects of higher concentrations of blood, soil, plant and more. It typically remains functional in 40% whole blood in PCR, and in some concentrations of crude soil extracts where other commercial enzymes fail. It is able to amplify the target gene directly from whole blood, serum, plasma, water, milk, tissue and plant leaf, etc. without DNA purification prior to PCR. This enzyme can be used in real-time PCR with DNA binding dyes, such as SYBR Green and Eva Green, however, it can not be used in real-time PCR TaqMan assay which requires 5’-3’ exonuclease activity.

Omni KlenTaq 2 LA version (Long & Accurate) is available, which allows for amplification of longer products with higher fidelity and accuracy.

Omni KlenTaq 2 & Omni KlenTaq 2 LA Mix are available as a ready-to-use 2X mixture of DNA polymerase, salts, magnesium and dNTPs for setting up a trouble-free PCR reaction and there is the choice of an inert green dye, used for direct gel loading. All you have to do is to add template, specific primers and water (Click here).

Hot-start Omni KlenTaq 2 is a mix of mixture of Omni KlenTaq 2 and an Aptamer-based inhibitor, which increase PCR specificity and sensitivity (Click here).

  • Thermostability  more thermostable than standard Taq DNA polymerase
  • Efficient – novel buffer system maximizes efficiency of PCR amplification, increases yield of any PCR product
  • Robust and Inhibition-resistant – reliable direct amplification from crude samples and with even the most challenging DNA targets, especially when combining with our PCR enhancers
  • Flexible – LA version is ideal for amplifying any target up to 30 kb from DNA extracted from human, animal and plant samples

Data Sheet: Omni KlenTaq 2Omni KlenTaq 2 LA

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