Direct One-Step Cell qRT-PCR TaqProbe Kit

Direct One-Step Cell qRT-PCR TaqProbe Kit is designed for real-time quantitative analysis of RNA target gene from cells. The components of the kit have been optimized for best performance in sensitivity, specificity and low background. Our unique hot-start, inhibitor-resistant enzyme and optimized buffer system significantly reduce non-specific PCR amplification and make it possible to amplify the target gene directly from cells without RNA purification.


  • Unique Invention: First One-Step Direct qRT-PCR system able to tolerate high inhibitors in the market
  • Time saving: No need for RNA extraction, one-step, performance of RT and PCR in same reaction
  • Convenient: Only need adding enzyme, primers, probes and sample in 2X mix
  • High inhibitor-resistance: Can amplify RNA target in reaction containing 20% cell culture 

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