Direct One-Step S/P qRT-PCR TaqProbe Kit

Direct One-Step S/P qRT-PCR TaqProbe Kit is designed for real-time quantitative analysis of RNA target gene from crude samples, such as serum and plasma. The components of the kit have been optimized for best performance in sensitivity, specificity and low background. Our unique hot-start, inhibitor-resistant enzymes and optimized buffer system significantly reduce non-specific PCR amplification and make it possible to amplify the target gene directly from crude samples without RNA purification.


  • Unique Invention: First One-Step Direct qRT-PCR system able to tolerate high inhibitors in the market
  • Time saving: No need for RNA extraction, one-step, performance of RT and PCR in same reaction
  • Convenient: Only need adding enzymes, primers, probe and sample in 2X mix
  • High inhibitor-resistance: Can amplify RNA target in reaction containing 20% serum and plasma 

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