Collection: Core Direct qPCR Master Mixes

The Core Direct qPCR Master Mixes are designed for rapid quantitative analysis of target DNA directly from various sample types, including blood, serum/plasma, swabs, cell cultures, bacterial colonies, and animal or plant tissue. These master mixes enable robust amplification without requiring prior DNA purification procedures.

The Core Direct qPCR Master Mixes utilize a unique inhibitor-resistant DNA polymerases and buffer system that is optimized for optimal performance. In most cases, samples can be added directly to the PCR master mix without the need for pre-lysis.

In the master mixes, the enzymes are included in the 2X master mixes for convenience. The master mixes ensure fast and easy preparation with a minimum of pipetting steps and are especially recommended for rapid and easy preparation of high-quality qPCR reactions.

  • Direct detection of viral or bacterial DNA in nasal or throat swabs
  • Direct qPCR from blood samples and other body fluid
  • Direct qPCR from cell culture
  • Direct colony screening or quantitative analysis of target DNA from single colony
  • Direct amplification of target DNA from various tissue samples