Collection: Core Direct RT-PCR Kit

The Core Direct RT-PCR Kit is designed to analyze target RNA directly from blood, serum/plasma, swabs, cell cultures, bacterial colonies, and animal or plant tissue. The kit enables robust amplification without requiring prior RNA purification procedures.

The kit is optimized with our unique inhibitor-resistant, thermostable polymerases and buffer system for optimal performance. In most cases, samples can be added directly to the RT-PCR master mix without the need for pre-lysis.

The blend of polymerases is packaged separately from the 2X RT-PCR Mix, allowing scientists to optimize the enzyme amount for their specific application based on the inhibitory level in the samples. The kit ensures fast and easy preparation with a minimum of pipetting steps and is especially recommended for:

  • Direct detection of viral or bacterial RNA in nasal or throat swabs
  • Direct amplification from blood samples and other body fluid
  • Direct PCR from cell culture
  • Direct detect RNA from colony or cells
  • Direct amplification of target RNA from various tissue samples
  • Point-of-Care diagnostics


  • Unique Invention: First One-Step Direct RT-PCR systems in the market that is able to tolerate high concentration of PCR inhibitors
  • Time saving: No need for RNA extraction, one-step, performance of RT and PCR in same reaction
  • Convenient: Only need adding enzymes, primers and sample in 2X mix
  • High inhibitor-resistance: Can amplify RNA target in reaction containing high PCR inhibitors 
Core Direct RT-PCR Kit