Collection: Inhibition-resistant Taq Pols & Master Mixes

  • Inhibition-Resistant Taq DNA Polymerases are obtained by molecular engineering through mutagenesis of DNA polymerase gene to render enzymes resistant to PCR inhibitors such as blood, plasma, serum, soil, plant, water, chocolate, cheese and milk.

  • Proven applications include forensics, environmental testing, agriculture and clinical diagnostics.

  • Up to 40% whole blood, plasma or serum are tolerated and varying amounts of soil, plant and inhibitory foods.

  • Provides superior amplification, even on damaged or degraded DNA templates.

  • DNA extraction is often unnecessary, saving time and enabling amplification from minute quantities of DNA.

  • Can tolerate more PCR inhibitors when combining with PCR enhancers.

Inhibition-resistant Taq Pols & Master Mixes