About Us

VitaNavi Technology is a high biotechnology company focusing on PCR and related field. We provide the new generation of enzymes capable of overcoming inhibitors in PCR, which make it possible to skip DNA or RNA purification prior to PCR or RT-PCR. The enzymes are not only inhibition-resistant but also hot-start that increase the specificity and sensitivity of PCR.

We offer a series of PCR enhancers that make our enzymes tolerate more PCR inhibitors and let you reduce false negative result and get high yield product. 

Based on novel features of the enzymes, we have developed a series of special PCR and RT-PCR kits that are able to directly amplify DNA and RNA targets from crude samples without nuclei acid purification.

Our products have widely been applied to the scientific research community and integrated into clinical diagnostic reagents. VitaNavi Technology is proud to be your partner to deliver the most innovative products with the highest quality. We guarantee the products that we offer are the best quality for the price.