About Us

VitaNavi Technology is a leading biotechnology company that specializes in PCR and related fields. We offer the next generation of enzymes that can overcome inhibitors in PCR, eliminating the need for DNA or RNA purification prior to PCR or RT-PCR. Our enzymes are not only inhibitor-resistant, but also hot-start, which increases the specificity and sensitivity of PCR.

Our company provides a series of PCR enhancers that make our enzymes even more tolerant to PCR inhibitors, reducing the risk of false negative results and increasing yield.

Our innovative enzymes have been used to develop a range of special PCR and RT-PCR kits that can directly amplify DNA and RNA targets from crude samples without the need for nucleic acid purification.

Our high-quality products have been widely adopted by the scientific research community and are widely used in clinical diagnostic reagents. At VitaNavi Technology, we are proud to be your partner in delivering the most innovative products at the highest quality. We stand by our commitment to provide the best quality products for the price.