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Core Direct PCR Master Mix

Core Direct PCR Master Mix

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The Core Direct PCR Master Mix is designed to analyze target DNA directly from blood, serum/plasma, swabs, cell cultures, bacterial colonies, and animal or plant tissue. The master mix enables robust amplification without requiring any prior DNA purification procedures.

The master mix is optimized with our unique inhibitor-resistant DNA polymerase and buffer system for optimal performance. In most cases, samples can be added directly to the PCR master mix without the need for pre-lysis.

The master mix contains all the reagents required for PCR (except template and primers) in a premixed, 2x concentrated, ready-to-use solution. It allows for fast and easy preparation with a minimum of pipetting steps and is especially recommended for:


  • Time saving: No need for DNA extraction 
  • Convenient and flexibility: Only need adding primers and sample into 2X mix
  • High inhibitor-resistance: Can amplify target in PCR containing high concentration of PCR inhibitors 


  • Direct detection of viral or bacterial DNA in nasal or throat swabs
  • Direct PCR from blood samples and other body fluid
  • Direct PCR from cell culture
  • Direct colony screening
  • Direct amplification of target DNA from various tissue samples
  • Point-of-Care diagnostics

Data Sheet: 2X Core Direct PCR Master Mix

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