2X Direct Blood PCR Master Mix

2X Direct Blood PCR Mater Mix contains all the reagents needed for quick amplification of genomic DNA from whole blood and other body fluids. This master mix can be also applied to direct amplification of exogenous gene target, such as virus, bacteria and parasites from blood. The mix is optimized with our unique inhibitor-resistant DNA polymerase for best performance. In most case, you can directly add sample into PCR master mix without pre-lysis.

There is the choice of an inert green dye in the mix, used for direct gel loading. The PCR product can be directly loaded on agarose gel without addition of loading dye for electrophoresis.

GC version works for GC-rich and complex target.


  • Time saving: No need for DNA extraction or pre-lysis of sample as other similar commercial kits
  • Convenient and flexibility: Only need adding primers and sample in 2X mix. The similar kit in which the enzyme is packed separately is available as well (Click here), so you can titrate enzyme to find the best concentration for the target
  • High inhibitor-resistance: Can amplify target in PCR containing high concentration of PCR inhibitors 
  • Specificity: GC version works for >65% GC content and complex target, increases specificity
  • Simply analysis: Directly loading products for electrophoresis after PCR


  • Genotyping
  • Mutation detection
  • Transgene detection
  • Knockout analysis
  • Sequencing
  • Pathogen detection
  • Forensic identification

Data Sheet: 2X Direct Blood PCR Master Mix