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Hot-start KlenTaq

Hot-start KlenTaq

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Hot-start KlenTaq DNA Polymerase is a mixture of KlenTaq DNA Polymerase and an aptamer-based inhibitor. The inhibitor binds reversibly to the enzyme, inhibiting polymerase activity at low temperatures. This prevents primer-dimer formation and spurious amplification, increasing specificity. During normal cycling conditions, the inhibitor releases the enzyme, allowing efficient amplification.

KlenTaq DNA Polymerase is a Taq polymerase variant that lacks 5’-exonuclease activity due to an N-terminal deletion of Taq. This modification results in improved fidelity and thermostability compared to the wild-type Taq. Hot-start KlenTaq DNA Polymerase can be used in real-time PCR with DNA binding dyes, such as SYBR Green and Eva Green. However, it cannot be used in real-time PCR TaqMan assays, which require 5’-exonuclease activity.

Data Sheet: Hot-start KlenTaq

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