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Hot-start OmniTaq 3

Hot-start OmniTaq 3

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Hot-start OmniTaq 3 DNA Polymerase is a novel enzyme mixture composed of OmniTaq 3 DNA Polymerase and an aptamer-based inhibitor. This inhibitor binds reversibly to the enzyme, inhibiting polymerase activity at low temperatures to prevent non-specific amplification such as primer dimer formation, but releases the enzyme during normal cycling conditions to enable efficient amplification. The hot-start feature of this enzyme allows reactions to be set up at room temperature, increasing specificity and sensitivity of PCR.

This enzyme is a new generation mutant of Taq DNA polymerase that is able to tolerate high levels of PCR inhibitors, making it suitable for challenging samples such as blood and soil. It is compatible with real-time PCR using both DNA binding dyes, such as SYBR Green and Eva Green, and TaqMan assays that require 5'-exonuclease activity.

Data Sheet: Hot-start OmniTaq 3

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