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One-Step qRT-PCR TaqProbe Kit

One-Step qRT-PCR TaqProbe Kit

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The One-Step qRT-PCR TaqProbe Kit is designed specifically for real-time quantitative analysis of RNA target genes. The kit components have been optimized for maximum sensitivity, specificity, and low background. The hot-start and inhibitor-resistant Taq polymerases included in the kit reduce non-specific PCR amplification and false negatives caused by PCR inhibitors, which are commonly observed with other commercial Taq polymerases.

While some PCR instruments require a passive reference dye (such as ROX), the One-Step qRT-PCR TaqProbe Kit does not contain ROX. However, you may add ROX to the reactions if your instrument requires it. Please refer to the table below for further details.

Data Sheet: One-Step qRT-PCR TaqProbe Kit

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