PCR Enhancers

In an attempt to overcome PCR inhibition, boost PCR amplification, and simplify the PCR protocol, PCR enhancer cocktails (PECs) were developed. These cocktails in combination with inhibitor-resistant Taq mutant enzymes enable efficient amplification of exogenous, endogenous, and high GC-rich DNA targets directly from crude samples containing human plasma, serum, whole blood, some food samples and plant tissue without DNA purification. In the presence of these enhancer cocktails, the Taq mutant enzyme can tolerate up to 40% whole blood, plasma and serum, and as high as 80% GC content templates in the PCR. These enhancer cocktails also improve the performance of the novel Taq mutants in real-time PCR amplification using crude samples, both in SYBR Green fluorescence detection and TaqMan assays.

PEC Combo contains a combination of six PECs to allow you test to see which one works best for your application. 

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Data Sheet: PCR Enhancers, PCR Enhancer Combo